"You're doing it wrong.. We all are" :)

Ah.. talk about a wake up call and so refreshing!

Let me know what you think ladies :)


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      Melissa Middleton
      I love that!
        So true. Sometimes as a mom no matter what you do... you get criticism. Really hit home with the formula. I was only able to nurse Zeke for 4 months and even then it was a fight. Though I wasn't very educated about it. I was told to just feed him when he was hungry. Well a newborn isn't really going to want to eat and I didn't know I had to work hard to establish it. I got a lot of anti-formula critics down my back after I couldn't establish a good milk supply for him. It sucked. A mother should never feel that way. This time around I know I will have more knowledge with nursing and I hope it will be easier for me. But even if I had to FF again I am going to have fangs on anyone that wants to have an opinion about it...
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