..many things are worth a try!

A small list I can think of that we try if Monroe seems gassy..

- pumping his legs like he is riding a bicycle!
- carrying him on his side :)
- massaging his little belly or just rubbing his back
- gripe water.. this is always for the win :)

Moms Expertise
    My doctor suggested infant gas drops... Ad the range anywhere from ten bucks to 28 drops... I bought the cheapest ones... Anyway I played with the times I gave them to her.
    I give her half the doesage because they are labeled for someone of 24lbs.
    Anyway I give then to her for all her daytime feedings ten to 15 min b4 she eats... And they are working!
    For those of you that follow me know that my poor baby has been fighting some bad gas.
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