Q/A.. Did your baby love or hate..

- being swaddled

- being rocked

- taking a bath

- relaxing in a swing

- doing tummy time

- riding in the car

Here are our current answers :)

- a big no to being swaddled! The dude likes to stretch out!

- we don't rock him much but he doesn't mind it.. The key is that he doesn't need it ;)

- he loves taking a bath! Could stay in there for hours!

- he loves hanging in his swing!

- indifferent about tummy time.. Seems to be a love/hate relationship ;)

- dude loves a car ride! He zonks out instantly :)

Now you share!

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      Great questions Meg!

      - being swaddled - Loved it for a while, HATED IT for a little bit.. still hates it now but it's the only way he'll fall asleep if he's super tired.
      - being rocked - LOVES IT!
      - taking a bath - His favorite thing :)
      - relaxing in a swing - nah.. he just stares at us from across the room
      - doing tummy time - tummy time pillow helped but he's still not too excited about it.
      - riding in the car - hates the car because he's in the back seat not looking at us. Loves the rumble of the truck and that he can sit in front and be with us.
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