breast feeding and pumping.

At the beginning... Literally two days after we came home I had to pump b4 I could feed a
I produced a lot of milk and it would come out really fast. So I had to pump sometimes up to two ounces off b4 she could eat without choking and getting upset. Which caused a lot of gas.
She only ate on one boob each feeding so I would have to finish pumping the other one when she was done.
Now she is eight weeks old and my milk is evening out. At about 3 weeks old we started introducing the bottle... That was a bottle in its own. Now she gets 4 bottles of breast milk a day. I still make sure I pump every time I feed her a bottle.
When she eats on the bottle it will be between 2 and 4 ounces a feeding.
After the bottle feeding I will pump and get about 2 to 4 ounces on each boob. So I am still producing more then she actually eats. Which keeps me calm I am still stock piling milk and feeding my baby good.

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