..a few tricks to try!

So here are a few tricks I have heard of if your sweet bf'ing babe refuses a bottle..

- have anyone BUT Mom try giving the baby the bottle
- try DIFFERENT bottles and different nipples on the bottle
- offer the bottle when they are not completely hungry and mad about needing to be fed.. this might help make it easier or coax them to try!
- if Mom needs to be the one giving the bottle, try giving it in a TOTALLY different position than as you bf.. this will show them the difference
- try just taking time to help them enjoy a bottle, try, if they refuse, back off a bit, try some more.. and try not to instantly satisfy by bf'ing.. so they know they don't get what they want instantly when they refuse a bottle!

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    I found I couldn't even be in the house if Audrey was going to take a bottle. At least for the first few times while baby is getting used to it, Mom might need to go for a walk around the block or out to grab a coffee ;)
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