Letting baby cry to sleep: should I?

This can be a sensitive issue for a lot of moms. Personally I do not let Charlie cry it out. Right now it's his only form of communication. I do not believe that babies cry for no reason at all. When I'm working and Charlie doesn't seem to be happy no matter what I do, I will lay him down in the crib for a few minutes. If he's not asleep within those few minutes, I pick him up and walk around with him until he's calm again. I'm a mother first, nothing is more important to me than my child being happy and comfortable. Besides, sometimes I don't have a reason to cry.. sometimes I just need some closeness with the bf, so I would assume that it's possible for him to also just need to be near me. That's not to say that that works for every mom and I judge no one for how they deal with this issue. Having a baby is hard. It's really hard and sometimes the only thing you can do is make sure they're comfortable, put them in a safe place and walk away.

What are your thoughts?

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    I don't let mine cry it out either. I did try once with Mason when we found out I was pregnant with Audrey (he was about 10-11 months) because we wanted him to be able to put himself to sleep instead of needing us to lay with him for 20 minutes. He cried for 2 hours straight and was so upset he ended up vomiting. When he did that, I decided this wasn't our thing and haven't tried it with either of the girls.
      I did do it with T but not until he was a year old and had no reason to be waking up 4-5 times a night. But he was ready. I think he cried for maybe 5 minutes then went to sleep. Within one night he went from waking up 4-5 times to sleeping all night. I had tried other times but I just couldn't do it. There was no way I was going to just leave my baby in there crying like that.
        I did let my daughter cry it out very much when she was a baby and when you dont let they cry their lungs dont develop as good as they should and i know this from experience because we let her cry herself to sleep but not all the time and now she has to take an inhaler so we are letting our son cry it out because all he wants to do is be held and we dont have time to just hold him all day its not bad if you let them cry it helps there lungs out a lot the more crying and screaming they do the stronger their little lungs get but if he doesnt fall asleep with in 30 min then i will go pick him up but most of the time he wants to be held and he does cry for no reason and its usually when he is fighting his sleep
          I do not do cry it out for babies. When my babies cry I know they need something and it is my job to meet their needs. Babies cry because that it how they communicate with us.

          I did let my daughter start crying it out when she was 2yrs old and refusing to sleep in her bed. She was not a baby anymore and she can use her words to communicate her needs.
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