Hard sleep, but not good sleep...

Has anyone experienced this?

Since Audrey broke her arm last week I have been sleeping really hard... no dreams, I don't move at all, it's a very heavy, deep sleep... but when I wake up I am not at all refreshed. I think my adrenaline went so high when the break actually happened, and then I had to be so strong for her since I was the only parent in town and my body just hasn't crashed yet. From the time she broke her arm it was 30 hours of no sleep, high stress and anxiety, and waiting to see/hear if she came out of surgery and would regain the use of her arm. I haven't cried about it or calmed down yet - there just hasn't been an emotional release for me like I would've expected. Anyone else ever experience something like this? how did you get back to sleeping normally?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I haven't slept normally since they were born.. first one 9 years ago.. It's amazing what we can do.. and I've been so strong for my kids and then closed the bathroom door to cry.. - maybe you don't need a release.. maybe you just handled like a champ.. or maybe it will come a week from now..

    As long as you're sleeping thats great.. I find I do better during the day with light sleep and up a lot .. and if I do have a deep sleep my body is heavy for the whole day..

    I don't think it's the sleep you need.. I think you maybe haven't tapped into some emotions yet and that's what's keeping you heavy and not refreshed..
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