2 month shots

Well today my babygirl is going to get her 2 month old shot at her doctor's today..I'm dredding it because I know she will be crying and I don't want to hear my own baby cry because she has had her shots because if she cries then I'm gonna cry because it hurts to see my daughter get her shots and I know she has to have them done today. How do I survive her 2 month old shots today?

    Just try to be strong mama! I know with our pediatrician they let me scoop up my kids as soon as they get the bandaids on. A little comforting from mama and they are finished crying pretty quickly.
      Thanks girls. I know its gonna be tough but like you said it's gonna be tougher on me that I will be for my daughter. Because it breaks my heart to hear her cry but as soon as she gets done with her shots and her doctor tells me "Alright mom you can pick up your babygirl up and comfort her then I'm gonna do that. Because it aint like a mother's love to make them feel safe and secure.
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