Well Kendall has started to bite as of yesterday and I want to nip this in the bud. But he doesn't seem to respond when I say no. I feel bad but I have to put him in a sitting position and walk away or ignore him for him to understand that its not okay to bite anyone.
Is there anything else I can do?
It seems the putting him in a small time out isn't working anymore

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      I have heard of people biting back to show the child it hurts, but I never felt comfortable doing that. In general, I try to do punishments that fit the crime - so when my kids bite they have to sit on the steps on time out (with me) until they are ready to do something loving for the person they bit. A hug, a kiss, an apology - any of those work, just has to be something nice and caring :) I find this method usually makes my kids think about what they've done wrong a bit more rather than just turning to anger at me for putting them in time out. It gives them more control of the situation since they are welcomed to make the time out as short or as long as they'd like - if they do something loving right away time out is very short. If (in most cases) they need a minute to collect themselves before they are ready to do something loving that's fine too and we sit quietly on the steps.
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