EEEwwwww... I used to not be so gross in the morning..

I don't know WHAT has happened.. maybe it's age.. I'm only 42 (i know.. seems old to my young moms here but I FEEL 25..)...

I used to fly out of bed in the morning, throw my hair in a pony tail - probably forget to brush my teeth and eat a bagel and go to class or work or wherever,..

I swear.. now it's like I lift the lid of a coffin and my skin is dry and crusty and my eyes are puffy and blurry and my hair??? Oh.. I don't even know what happens when I go to sleep.. but my hair looks teased with a hair brush.. and can i tell you about my breath????? It's gross.. like.. old dead people gross.. and just brushed it 7 hours ago.. But I wake up and i'm like yuck...

Is this 40? gross.

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      42?!?!?!? Wow!!! Haha jk I'm not far behind that...but uh yeah gotta love what happens as we age but it's not just morning breath anymore. It's morning everything! I noticed to that the first walk to the bathroom in the morning sounds like a heard of elephants walking through the house...I mean how on earth did a develop a morning stomp? But just getting to the point of standing up I hear all these moaning and creaking noises that come from I need to be oiled...coconut oil! Lol but's like that!
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