Nap Time Struggles

The good news is it's finally warm enough here that our HOA has decided to clean up the landscaping around our town homes. The bad news is our unit gets mowed, street cleaned, and leaf blow-ed right during Avery's nap time. It goes on for like an hour too! Last summer Avery was so new that she would just sleep right through it. Now she sits up in her crib and looks around all worried/scared because she doesn't know what's going on. Even after she got used to the sound she wouldn't sleep. She just laid in her crib babbling away like she was talking to the lawnmowers.

I gave up and just took her outside to watch them work. She found it fascinating, but was obviously tired. Once they were done I quick nursed her, since it was about that time anyway, and put her to bed. Thank god she fell asleep right away.

I think I'll have to move our nap time later if they keep coming at the same time throughout the rest of the summer. How do you guys deal with nap-time interruptions?

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