Mom's I'd like some opinions..

My daughter will be eight months and our family are super big baseball fans. I'd like to take her to an upcoming game with us, I've been told that wouldn't be a good idea. I think it'd be fine but now I'm not so sure. Anyone care to share their opinion, please feel free.

    Megan Gibbs
    Baseball games are usually pretty loud, and you'd probably spend most of your time trying to calm her, feeding her, changing her diaper, ect. You'll probably miss most of the game. I wouldn't do it, personally.

    I had a two year old and a 6 month old when I went to my sister-in-law's graduation. My daughter pooped and my MIL gave her to my ex who then gave it to me. Sure, I'm not blood related to my SIL, but I was still really upset that I had to take her to the bathroom to change her, and I missed her name called and he getting her deploma. It's just like my ex to do that. He didn't do much, even though he was the stay at home dad and I was working. He'd let the kids' diapers overflow (I'd be lucky if he changed them once over my 8 hour shift), sleep in until noon and keep them in their cribs and only get up to give them a bottle, then leave to go back to sleep. That's one reason I left him.

    Anyway, that's why I wouldn't lol. My current SO helps out a lot, so I would want to more, but I still wouldn't.
      Avery can barely sit still through church... The only way I could bring her to a baseball game is if we were sitting somewhere that was close to the main floor so we could go walk around. Still, the idea of switching off to go walk with her instead of watching the game seems like a waste of money.

      I know some people will go for just a little while and ease their kids into it. Otherwise I'd find a sitter.
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