Why do you need to take a nonstress test during pregnancy

A nonstress test is a simple and painless procedure done during pregnancy to check the condition of your baby.

Not all women need a nonstress test done during their pregnancy. A nonstress test is done when your doctor has a concern about the condition of your baby. Nonstress tests are common done during the last weeks of your pregnancy to ensure that the baby is doing well. Nonstress tests can help signal your doctor to a potential problem or soon to be problem.

Nonstress tests are commonly done when mom or baby has a medical condition. Medical conditions that might be an indicator for a nonstress test include:

- Gestational diabetes
- High blood pressure
- Baby is less active
- Baby is smaller than it should be
- Baby is overdue
- There is too much or too little amniotic fluid
- Any fetal birth defect
- Any other medical condition in mom

During a nonstress test the medical provider will monitor your baby's heart rate and your baby's movement.

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