Do you have hip pain during pregnancy?

Yes! It was actually one of the pains I do remember very clearly. It wasn't a progressive pain. I woke up one day with it. I was barely able to walk unassisted. I called my OB and she told me it was completely normal. At my next appointment she explained that I had what was called SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction). It's basically when the ligaments that keep your pelvic area aligned get really stretchy and loose. Since so much of the weight of our bodies (especially during pregnancy) is distributed through this area, there is some serious pain when it loosens up. Mine radiated from my lower back, wrapping around to the front of my hips, and down through my pelvis. It took a lot of trial and error to find the right way to lay down. Going from a laying to standing position hurt the worst, and it got to the point where standing was near impossible.

Pelvic support belts help a lot of women with spd. They help by pulling everything together and supporting the area. A hot rice bag low down was a lifesaver for me. Sometimes a doctor can prescribe something for the pain. But to combat this pain before it gets bad, kegels are your very best friend! Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. In the worst of cases, SPD may make vaginal delivery impossible, so anything you can do to prevent it, you should! A birthing ball helped me because it took some of the pressure off of the area when I sat down. Rest assured, SPD affects many women and even though it feels like something is very wrong, it isn't. As always, talk to your doctor before trying anything to alleviate this pain.

Did any of you experience this while you were pregnant?

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    I did not have SPD. Instead, I had a preexisting piriformis disorder, which acts like sciatica. My OB/GYN recommended a chiropractor, and the chiropractor was a godsend--very helpful throughout.
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