Menstrual like cramps late in pregnancy, what does it mean


If you are experiencing menstrual like cramps late in pregnancy you are most likely having contractions. They could be Braxton Hicks contractions or they could be real labor contractions.

Real labor contractions will be in a consistent pattern. Your contractions should be coming at regular intervals and getting closure and closer together. The length of the contractions should be getting longer over time. Your contractions will also get stronger and more painful as labor progresses.

Remember, real labor contractions will be longer, stronger, and closure together. Braxton Hicks contractions will be irregular and will stop.

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    I only had Braxton Hicks, and they always felt like "expanding" to me. Does that make sense? My labor was induced a week early, and I felt real contractions too, but never had the chance to let my Braxton Hicks scare me, lol.
    Thats makes total sense Tish, when you have a contraction your belly gets hard and pushes out.
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