What causes a swollen vagina during pregnancy

Vaginal swelling during pregnancy is not uncommon.

Vaginal swelling during pregnancy can be caused by increased blood flow that is normal during pregnancy. If you are experiencing this try to not sit for long periods. Laying down and walking can help relieve some of the discomfort.

Vaginal swelling can also be caused by a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. If you have having any itching or foul smelling discharge along with your swelling it is probably an infection. If you have any signs of infection it is best to see your health care provider right away for treatment.

It is less common, but possible, to develop a varicose vein in your vagina during pregnancy. If you experience this your doctor will be able to discuss treatment option and comfort measures that you can try.

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      I did not have this, but I knew someone who did, so I'm seconding the "see a doctor" advice. You just want you and baby to be as safe as you can be !
        What good information I never really thought of that area swelling... I mean how would I ever know I couldn't even see my toes! LOL!
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