I dont know in touch people are with things beyond them and oe if they even believe in that sort of thing. I have always been pretty close to the beyond things. I know this sounds wierd but im not pregnant but some how I feel the baby with me. I have had tons of dreams a of dark haired baby girl and my mediem and card reader says that she sees a girl waiting above to be born but that theres fear stopping her. I told her it was probably my fear of being able to concieve. She told me to relax and go.with the flow but its so hard when u feel her there but cant have her. I know some of you guys will probably think im crazy but o well

    I dreamt that I would have a blue-eyed girl baby with dark hair years before I had my first daughter. Although she's now blonde and brown-eyed, she came out exactly the way I dreamt it, and she's definitely a girl. I knew she was a girl way before my sonogram confirmed it, so I don't think you are crazy at all. :)
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