Let's talk car seats!

It's important to get your car seat install checked by a certified technician. Over 70% of car seats are incorrectly used or installed.

This website is great and shows a lot of common mistakes that are made with car seats: http://dailymomtra.com/2011/03/30/the-picture-gui…

Did you know that kids should stay rear facing until 2 years old at an absolute minimum? And preferably up to 4 years old? They should stay harnessed until they are about 6 and in a booster until about 8 and out of the front seat until 13.

How long will your child rear face for? My son is over three years old and still rear facing :) I hope to keep him that way until 4yrs old.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    My 3yr old was just recently turned forward facing. My 18month is going to be rearfacing for a long time.
      Great advice! I've added your post to my favorites. :)
        8Theresa Gould
        Interesting. Things keep changing. My youngest will be four this summer so I'm getting out of the baby car seat stage.
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