Picky eaters in your house!?!

I can answer that question with a yes! There's maybe 2 meals everyone likes, so almost every night I make more then one dinner! As for tonight it's cheeseburgers and fries for the husband and our middle son and homemade spaghetti for myself and other two kids! At first I didn't mind, but now I'm beginning to think I have spoiled my family!! Anyone else do this?

Nikki Hicks
    I admit that although I don't like it on principle, I'm cooking different things for my daughter. Why don't I like it? Am I really "spoiling" her, or is that just what I've been taught to think? I know I'm doing it because I want to encourage her to eat "real food" rather than nurse all the time, but I do worry about "spoiling" her...maybe that's all in my head, though! I'll have to think about that. Thanks Nikki Hicks for the brainfood!
      8Theresa Gould
      Thankfully, we really don't have any picky eaters. Of course everyone has their dislikes but with ten people we make one meal. I'm not a short order cook and neither are my daughters!
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