How can I make baby active for ultrasound tomorrow?

When I had my first baby the ultrasound tech suggested a drink some orange juice and eat a piece of chocolate before my ultrasound. She said the sugar would hopefully make my baby be more active during the test.

Turns out my baby liked the orange juice and chocolate too much and was so active that the tech couldn't get all the measurements she needed because he wouldn't stay still long enough. I had to come in for a second ultrasound to get some measurements and she said not to have too much sugar before I come in.

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    My tech also advised orange juice. I never imagined this could happen, though! My daughter just cuddled up in a ball and refused to roll over. It's also worth noting that, especially in later sonograms, baby may be able to hear the signal from the sonogram, so some moms may not need to do anything at all.
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