Runny nose

my 22 month old woke up,with a runny nose this morning. This is his first time ever having a runny nose and I'm unsure what I can do for him. Any advice would be appreciated.

5KelliConway, New Hampshire
    I'm going to link you to my article for common-cold coughs, because the treatments are identical for runny noses.…

    I hate runny noses, personally! They are the worst while nursing!
      thank you ladies. I always run a humidifier in his room and I also have one in the living room. He doesn't have any other symptoms besides the stuffy/runny nose. Can I put Vicks on him? I heard that there was a baby rub.
      I have heard advice against Vicks for babies under two:…
        8Theresa Gould
        Sorry to hear Liam has a runny nose. He isn't getting molars is he? Sometime teething can cause a runny nose.
          I guess he could be getting his 2nd molars I never thought about that. My husband went out and bought a humidifier that you put a Vicks strip in and it lasts 8 hours. The machine also projects stars on the ceiling in different colors. It's really cute. Although that part has nothing to do with his runny nose. LOL. We ran the machine last night in his room and he woke up this morning without a runny nose so I'll wait and see what happens.
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