Article: For the Children's Sake, Put Down that Smartphone

Sigh, the digital age and kids. I post this as a mom who is rather guilty of this very thing, but I would hate for my phone usage to make my daughter sad! I think my husband is on his phone much more in front of our daughter than I am. He has ADHD (diagnosed, being treated medically), and sometimes he can't sit through a single television show without picking up his phone to look something up. I think I could curb my habit more easily than he could. It does make me proverbially wring my hands, though.

My daughter is under two, doesn't watch TV, but LOVES interactive tablet games. And here is where I worry--if I leave and say good bye lately, she goes into meltdown from very age-appropriate separation anxiety. However, if she's on a tablet playing a game while I leave, NBD. Hardly notices. And I worry about that. We do limit her time daily, but that it is so engrossing to her...I don't know what the implications are there. Bad? It feels bad, lol.

What do you think? How wired are you and your family?

    I'm one of those people that gets bored easily (probably undiagnosed ADHD) so I'm guilty of looking at my phone. I need stimulation and if my kids are in the room but don't need anything from me then I might sneak a peek at my email.

    As far as how wired are we? Well, it could be worse. The kids have laptops, Mini has a cell phone. They aren't on them constantly though, so I don't stress about it too much.
      Ah.. such a new age issue, isn't it? Sadly, we don't know all the effects right now.. we will years from now.. but it totally makes me sad to see how much parents let kiddos use devices.. a friend came over today to see Monroe with her little one.. they weren't even in the house for 5 minutes and she handed him her iPhone because he was acting fussy and bored.. he is TWO..
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