How chicken are you?

I am SUCH a chicken! A friend just posted a video on facebook that I just KNOW has recorded paranormal activity. I want to watch it so bad but I'm home alone with the boy and the dogs and I just can't click on it..haha

Are you afraid of scary stuff like that?

    That wouldn't scare me but one of my friends posted some video about really big bugs, I couldn't watch that. I even blocked it from my feed because it freaked me out.
      I would actually really like to watch the video you describe, Alissa! But the video that Katie describes, yeah, NOPE. I'd block that one.

      I guess it depends upon the subject matter! I do find that if something is about bad things happening to children, I can't even follow links to the articles or descriptions. Since becoming a mom, I can't even begin to take suggestions about bad things happening--I think up too many on my own!
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