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I haven't had my period since my daughter turned one. I took out my birth control that day (Nuvaring), and haven't started anything else since. It's been seven months. It's important to note that I am currently nursing, and nursing can certainly play havoc with one's cycle. My period did return after I had my daughter, which was why I opted to go on birth control again, but since stopping the birth control, nothing.

I am seeing my OB/GYN regarding this issue. We have tested my thyroid levels, and they are a little low, so I'm currently on a thyroid medication. Aggravatingly, my insurance didn't cover my tests, though, so I can't go back for my follow-up blood test to see if the medication is working until I get my insurance sorted out. Working on it, but it takes time.

I took a pregnancy test on Monday, and it was negative. I also had a pregnancy test a month ago at my OB/GYN, and that was also negative. I decided to take one every two weeks, though, because my husband and I do continue to carve out some moments every once in a while, and without my period, how would I know?

So, I think I'm pretty much doing everything I should be doing, but it is very strange not to have a period. I worry a little that whatever is happening could affect my chances of having a second child. When I took the test at the doctor's office, I wanted that one to be negative. When I took the other test a month later, well, a part of me wanted that one to be positive. I have to wait for weird things outside of my body (insurance) to resolve to find out if I'm finally healthy, and that's an uneasy feeling.

So that's a snapshot of me right now. Anyone else experience anything similar? If not, I still appreciate the listening. :)

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    That is stressful, especially if you do want another child. Did you have irregular period before your daughter was born? Just so you know, I never got by period until 3 months after I stopped nursing. Now I didn't nurse as long as you (my longest was 13 months with my youngest child), but the same pattern held whether I nursed for 6 months (baby #1), 9 months (baby #2) or 13 months (baby #3). So perhaps your body is just very sensitive to the hormones associated with nursing. If so, that's a good natural birth control, but you may want to back off the nursing soon to encourage pregnancy.
      8Theresa Gould
      Could the type of birth control you used cause an absence of period? Did the doctor say anything about that possibility?
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