Dignosing ADHD: the process

Different people go through different channels to get a diagnosis. My experience was the teacher noted some concerns. I agreed that we needed to talk to the pediatrician, which we did. The pediatrician then referred us to a psychologist. I had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about everything having to do with my daughter. How she ate, how she slept, discipline techniques, homework habits, how she did with hitting milestones and any medical history (hers and parents).

After that she had to do performance based tasks, these tests studied her IQ and her attention span. The doctor saw us many times before he gave a diagnosis, it wasn't an easy thing to get the diagnosis at all. It was worth it though!

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    I didn't realize what a lengthy process it was to diagnose ADHD.
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        We first became concerned when she was in second grade. At the time I thought it was a maturity issue so the school administrators and I agreed that holding her back and having her repeat second grade would be beneficial. At the same time we had our first appointment/evaluation with a psychologist. Probably because of her age, he had a hard time diagnosing her so she originally got the label Learning Disabled NOS. Basically, she was having issues but he couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was.

        Around fifth grade she was in danger of failing. That's when we went to another doctor and get the diagnosis. Beyond that we also found out that she had a language processing disorder (writing was her weakness) and was diagnosed dyslexic.

        All of that sounds scary, right? Well she's done so well with the writing issues that you can barely tell she struggles with processing. She'll always struggle with it but she's done very well with adapting. The adhd is currently unmedicated although she knows it's something she can go back to if she feels the need. She spent a lot of time in therapy learning techniques to deal with her attention issues and is pretty successful in managing things.
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