Kids on Facebook

The minimum age for a Facebook I believe is 13. I don't understand why people let their young children (before 13, and that's still kinda young) make Facebook pages. There is so much drama and bad behavior that seems to happen with these young kids because they are simply not ready for the world of social media.

How do you feel about kids and Facebook?

    I think 13yr old is too young. There are predators on facebook and other social media who know they can prey on innocent and naive children. I am going to be very honest with my kids about the dangers of social media. I am also going to be very strict and monitor my kids activity.

    I watched my younger sister have problems on facebook and I watched my mom struggle to keep her safe. Hopefully by the time my kids are old enough for that there will be more technology to help keep children safe.
      They will be lucky if they even get it at 13...Actually, by the time my oldest turns 13, FB will probably one be for "old people" like me. He'll want to use snapchat or whatever else pops up by then...Either way, I'll be privy to all of their passwords!
        8Theresa Gould
        I think 13 is too young. Our oldest has been on FB since 13 or 14 due to her involvement with blogging but the rest of mine are not because of things we've learned with our oldest being online.
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