Kids who sleep over that are kinda annoying?

Bub has a neighbor friend that sleeps over pretty often. I like the kid and all, but he constantly wants to eat. At first he would just go into the kitchen and get snacks without asking. And I mean snacks plural, like would take three or four trips in an hour span. Once I explained that we couldn't fill up on junk food he started sending my son to ask for snacks.

I tapered down the sleep overs because I just don't like this behavior. I get that kids get hungry, I really do. This is overboard to me though and I'm not super strict about snacks.

How do you deal with an annoying kid that your kid likes?

    8Theresa Gould
    We haven't had too much experience with this.
      a LOT of my kids friends are annoying and none have the manners that i expect from my kids and hope they have elsewhere, and it drives me nuts.. We haven't had sleepovers yet, nor do I want any yet, but when we do have kids over.. the rules for them are the same.. You want a snack? sure.. but one.. one snack.. if he's still hungry then let him be hungry.. lol.. That sounds harsh, I know, but I'm willing to bet you have yummy snacks that he may not get at home and he may not be hungry but just want to eat them..

      I would put some away in a place they can't find.. and just tell him that you're fine with him having a snack but to place it in a bowl so he's not eating you out of house and home.. :)
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