Why my Kid or Kids do not behave AT ALL?

To all you moms out there who there kids do not behave..........so my son Jean was just starting high school and i was very proud of him and i thought( I knew he was going to do well) but after 2 weeks of being there he got in with the wrong kids and got into stuff that relay changed his personality. i did not know till his grades where dropping and I really got worried about him. ( sorry i am getting off topic) so I sat down with him and talked to him. I have found the best way to talk to you kids or kid is not to yell at them but just start a conversation with them He/She and just talk and slowly get into what you wanted to talk about and you really relate to them and don't come at it like so much as a parent so to say more as a friend. So after that you find the problem just talk. I did that and Jean is good and he has all A+s on his report card. I hope this helps and any Questions just ask, Thanks

    8Theresa Gould
    Good advice.
      Good for you and your son.. Glad you nipped that one in the bud..

      I think staying involved with your kids is super important.. even when they're teens and don't want you involved.. you gotta keep them present in your home.. at dinner, errands, do things together.. and keep activities filled.. I find that kids that have less to do or less responsibilities, usually will find something else to do with their time and usually it's more trouble..

      But way to go and seeing it fast and handling it well. :)
        Great advice! Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear more advice from you!
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