Trevor came home from work today, going "Woooooooo!" as soon as he stepped through the door, lol...

Sidenote of Explanation: Today was his last day of Navy training (from Boot Camp, A school, and C school...started in May 2014 up! Long time!)

He graduates on Monday, and he is so unbelievably's nice to see him happy again. He's been so very stressed the past year, and the vast majority of Navy Instructors are mega-dicks (one of his IT instructors is in huuuuuuge trouble because of her treatment of him specifically. They have the students do anonymous reviews that actually do matter, about their teachers at the end of the training, and a lot of people told about how she treated him like absolute dirt for no reason for months, and most of the times he was in trouble were from her when he wasn't actually doing anything wrong, so...yeah. She's getting pulled out of being an IT Instructor, dropped a few ranks, and that many bad reviews at such depth are basically Job Suicide at that point. She might get dishonorably discharged!) but luckily they're kicking up how much attention they're paying to the Officers and Instructors abusing their power. There have been lots of cases lately...

Anywho! When he got done "WOOoooooooo"-ing, he announced that we needed doughnuts, lots of doughnuts, and then went on a tangent about how happy he was and that he no longer gave a poo how the instructors treated him because he doesn't have to fear being kicked out just because an Officer was having a bad day anymore. Then he danced around with Nina and asked me what kind of doughnuts the nearby Krispy Kreme had...I said "Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Long-johns, sprinkled..." and he cut me off and asked what I thought he wanted, based on his personality. "Chocolate Glazed Long-johns?" I asked, and he stopped mid-step, looking baffled. The correct answer he had originally planned was just Glazed, but then he went off on a rant about how I apparently knew him better than he knew himself, and said that I had guessed the TRUE correct answer.

Sorry about the long post...
The end point was, he was going to take a nap a little while ago, and on the way to the bedroom, he hugged me and said, "Morgan...I'm finally really happy again." That made me sad and happy. Happy because YAY he's happy again! Sad because this past year has been so utterly stressful for us, but for him especially. Mentally, emotionally, physically, he's been pushed so far over and over through all of this. They treat you like poo in boot camp, and then in A and C School they shove 3 years of training into 6 months of schooling, and if you fail, you get sent to the Fleet with lower pay and a very hard time advancing without that schooling you missed. If you do one stupid thing when an Officer is having a particularly bad day, they might Mast you and kick you out of the military dishonorably. That can ruin your chances of getting hired again, ever! It happened to quite a few people, some who were late by just a few minutes one or two times because their previous officer kept them marching too long. I'm just glad this part is over, and that we can move on, away from Pensacola (this base is known as being one of the worst of the worst of all the training bases) and on to our new place, new base, and hopefully more happiness.

    I suggest a gallon of milk to go with those Krispy Kreme doughnuts, congrats to the future!
      8Theresa Gould
      Wow, sounds like a stressful situation. Glad Trevor is happy again! Hope you enjoyed the donuts together!
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