confusion is the heart of problems

my hubby lost his job about a month ago.I asked him since to help keep up with the house cleaning and to go to the food bank.He hasn't done either.His ex job didn't give him a final check and he refuses to go into the company due to his manly pride.the thing is that we can't get food stamps or health coverage or him even unemployment with out that final I have been taking extra shifts to try to help but I can only work so much and I'm do tired.Every Time I even bring up money Or his final check and hOw much it would help benefit wise to have it he gets very aggravated and upset.I'm nOt sure if he is even liking for another job or not because he won't tell me and again if I bring it up he gets up set.I'm not sure how to get him to talk to me about it and let me help him.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry to hear your husband isn't communicating very well since he lost a job. I'm sure it is hard for him and that's why he's being so touchy. As hard as it is just to let him be, I wouldn't push him. Give him some time. You've made your suggestions and only he can do something about them. I know that probably isn't what you want to hear.
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