Looking to get advice on vomitting

Mine vomits every day if not twice- weve been to the gastro and all he can day is that her Les (lower esh. Spincter) is immature. Were on prevacid and zantec- but still vomittig. We tried all formulas, broken down proteins (she wont drink it), amino acids, soy, goat milk... All she throws up still. Really hope this is somethig that she will just grow out of. I clean the carpet everyday! I feel bad for her throat - plus she wont drink bc she feels like crap and I have to sleep feed or force her to drink - which both is not recommended but have no idea how to get her to have nutrition for development. Tried solids- but she wont swallow it. Stays in mouth and when she goes to swallow- she gags looking to vomit. I distract her when she does this and she stops gagging and smiles. But this is my life everyday.

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    Oh Gosh.. how awful for all of you.. There should be something the doctor can suggest? Is it her stomach or a gag reflex? How old is she? Maybe you should see a specialist? This sounds extreme? I would understand if her belly couldn't take it once it's in there.. I've seen that a lot, but the gag reflex is new to me.. Poor thing..
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