Make it!

I find that when they make a craft and spend time drawing bubbles letters or cutting it out and making it their own, they learn it a lot faster..

I cut out a big circle and traced some bubble numbers for them, with tiny dots in-between the numbers.. and helped them with the order.. and got a clips so that the arrows would spin.. I would have them put the time on bed time or play time, etc. above their beds.. and I would always try and make it fun to learn.. little quizzes equal an m and m, etc..

My younger one had more time getting the concept of the minutes in between the bigger numbers and 15, 30 times.. but she was excited when she knew there was an m and m.. at the end.. lol..

Yes, I bribe my kids into learning.. But they know how to tell time on an analog clock early!

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    This is a great idea! iI love it!
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