What are somethings that you just REFUSE to let your kids have? For whatever reason..

Cheetos and blue gatorade and soda.. I don't know what except that it's a blue dye and orange dye thing and soda is just so awful for you..

I'm NO health food nut either.. but for some reason I got it in my head or read somewhere sometime about how bad these things are for us and though I let them have other things that may even be worse, these are things I physically just can't say yes to.. ever.. lol..

And I see them at bday parties politely saying no thank you if offered and won't eat chips with orange on them.. so poor kids got my weird obsession with it.. I guess there's worse things they could do.. They won't eat fast food either.. except fries..

This sounds like Im' some organic health nut.. I'm SO not.. I just have my things..

What are your things?

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