Beach weddings.

My boyfriend and I would love to have a beach wedding in California. We hope to be married within the next year or so. I wanted your opinions on them! Did you have one? What did you like/dislike? How many people did you invite? I just want to make sure this is what I really want haha.

Or you could tell me about your wedding too! Same questions apply! I love hearing about weddings. :D

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      When me and my husband were looking to get married we were in Cali and wanted to get married on the beach but we had the problem of my family here on the west coast and his on the east and his family started pitching a fit about it so we went to the courthouse without telling anyone. It was just me and him and the guy who did the ceremony. California has a confidential marriage license which we have so no one can look up our wedding date :-) and no one knows it. It's our special secret day :-) no one knew we were married until we told them we were pregnant.
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