I had my​ phone on my belly and Scarlett kicked so hard it fell off....this week shes started kicking before it was just movement now I can feel it on the outside...Mike got to feel her FINALLY its been driving him nuts!

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    Amanda Hurley
    Congrats, you have entered the funnest stage of pregnancy, at least in my opinion. I use my belly as a computer rest when I am laying down. My little bundle like to kick at it. Only twice has he actually kicked hard enough to throw it. The first time he hit my 2 year old with it, and the second my husband thought I got mad and threw it. I love putting things on my belly just to watch them fly off. Its so much fun.
      8Theresa Gould
      This is the best stage! Enjoy! :)
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      I'm a 25 year old hairdresser from CT.I am a first time mom to be to a little girl named Scarlett! My due date is January 29th 2014!! I was told I wouldn't be able to conceive and SURPRISE I was blessed with a miracle baby :)