tantrums are the worst !

so I've asked a page on Facebook and kind of just got rude comments but my daughter has her tantrums as most children do. tho my daughter has been throwing her head back since she was 6 months old and she has broken my nose three times from doing it. it happens so fast i cant dodge it sometimes but I've tried everything to resolve the issue before she becomes that angry. but im still having a hard time getting the screaming and all the madness in control i know i wont be able to make her stop fully but i just need a few tips to try I've tried time outs spankings (nothing hard!) and not giving in and it only gets worse. PLEASE HELP!

    I would continue time outs and be consistent with them. My daughter used to do the same thing... although she never broke my nose doing it ... maybe she has a softer head, LOL. But I found that redirecting or even a time out would work to delay the tantrum. If it is out in public it is a harder thing... but I usually just left the store.
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