My miracle baby

My son was born at 27 weeks premature and weighed 1lb 15oz and 13.2 inches long he is my only child

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    Wow! That is a miracle. Congratulations! I would love to hear his birth story if you care to share!
      I started to have my complications at 4 months my water had kept breaking as I told my doctor plenty of time that things were not right and he told me maybe I peed myself..I knew it was not pee I'd know if I peed...I kept going to the doctor to see what was going on and they couldn't find out why I was the time I was 5 months the doctors couldn't see my baby because all the fluids had come out I was put in the hospital to be monitored I have not felt my baby move at all although I was 5 months I couldn't believe that I was still pregnant I didn't show much and I didn't feel much of anything this was the worst pregnancy every but I love my son dearly he is my world he is doing great now he has a little bit of health issues he has a tracheostomy tube and a feeding tube and he is also on oxygen he has come a long way he had surgery today and it went great the doctor said that he can get his trach out in June so we r very excited I never knew why I had him so early or what caused it but I think it was stress I never had his father around and he said he would come to the birth and he stood me up and never showed but I never let that stop the faith I had in my son I will post pic of how small he was and him today
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