Ramen Noodles, gross or yummy?

Do you like Ramen noodles? Or do you think they are gross?

There's so many different ways to make them and things to put in them. I will fry up an egg and put it in my Ramen. I only eat it once in a blue moon, but it's yummy.

    I love them! I make just the noodles without the seasoning packet and make spaghetti out of it with TONS of cheese. Or just the noodles broken up then cooked and put in tomato soup with TONS of cheese! Then I save the seasoning packets and use then for the broth when I make soups or a pot of beans.
      I do like Ramen, but I usually make the noodles with only a portion of the flavor packet--too salty for me. And we kind of just eat the noodles and drain the broth. Most of the time, I'll use them in place of rice in a stir-fry.
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