Kids School Halloween Parade... Best and Worst Costumes??

Our annual school Halloween parade was this morning.. I always love to see what other people come up with.. Especially the ones that are homemade.. AS a kid, I don't remember ever really buying a costume.. we always made one.. and just so you know.. by "made one".. I mean we came up with something.. there was very little sewing involved.. One year I was a TV... (me as the screen with a box over my top half of my body) and another year, I was a flower.. (my face the middle)... So, I love to see those types of costumes at the school...

BUT then... we have the other costumes... First, my favorite was a strawberry.. she stuffed a red short and drew black dots and wore a green bow on her head.. not perfect but SO cute..

THEN there's the 3rd grade girl that's dressed like a cheerleader.. yet.. In all honesty ... her skirt was a little.. short? And her top was low cut.. I'm no prude, but it did seem a little too for her... And I know that I would have had my daughter wear shorts under her skirt for sure...

Then there was the 4th grader that was dressed like a cat woman.. but, I gotta say.. again.. she had on super high heels and a lot of makeup and a skin tight black body suit.. and she did not look 10... at all... Standing with a couple of other moms, she walked by us and was clawing playfully at the crowd going, "meow"... and we all sort of looked at each other as if we were checking to see if it was just ourselves that felt uncomfortable... But I have to be honest.. it seemed a little ...well.. trampy... lol..

it just seemed a little soon for her to be going for that look... or is it me?? Or am I just saying it out loud?? I think of Halloween as silly and fun and goofy... ​

    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, I agree with you and Meg. I don't get the "adult-ish" costumes for kids.
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