Home vs. office: Which job is harder?

So what's harder: staying home with the kids or going into the office? (Don't even get me started on trying to do both.) For days when you want hide out from your kids and drink Diet Coke in a gas station parking lot, here's a funny take on working vs. staying at home.

    I vote for the office job - it's harder just because I'm working in office and have no kids)) Just kidding.
    As for me the hardest thing is to work without a goal or mission, no metter where. If you are mom you always have a mission - so for me it's the best job.

    Amy, thanks for sharing and welcome, by the way))
      Ah a great debate.. I don't think you can say which is harder in one swooping statement.. sometimes an office setting could be harder for one Mom and the work from home setting could be harder for another Mom.. case in point.. I know loads of Moms who stay home.. and love it.. then I know others who say they could never be a stay at home Mom.. personalities play a big role!
        8Theresa Gould
        The article was cute. Fortunately for me, with my husband's two stints of unemployment he's already admitted that my job or that of a stay-at-home parent is much harder than going off to work at "the office".
          With or without kids, they both really have their challenges. Sometimes working from home can be easy to say ooohhh well, the dishes need done, instead of working on your job. Definitely different personalities play a role and the ability to self-motivate.
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