Stretch mark creams during pregnancy: which one? Try something!

I didn't use much for my stretch marks because I didn't honestly expect to get them. I'm a big lady, so I thought my skin was used to being stretched--boy was I wrong! They all popped up in my last two weeks pregnant, and then after I had my daughter, below my belly was just covered. I do regret not at least trying not to use something to help them over my pregnancy.

I think they are largely due to heredity, but my mom doesn't have any stretch marks after three pregnancies, and she swears by Palmers Cocoa Butter. My chiropractor also recommended Palmers, specifying the butter in the tub rather than any lotion.

Afterwards, I tried to use Burt's Bees Belly Butter, but I didn't notice much of a difference. I have noticed some fading while using Palmers post-pregnancy, but that could also be natural fading due to time, which is naturally bound to occur.

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