Cloth diapers?

anyone here cloth diaper? What brands do you use I use flips, some regular plastic covers with prefolds, and I have a few homade pockets I just stuff with prefolds ! What are your favorite brands?

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    Amy Phroper
    I used cloth diapers on my last baby. We used mostly pocket diapers. I love sunbaby diapers and a WAHM diapers.
      4Ariel LaCoste
      I was cloth diapering. I made all our own cloth diapers :-) So much cheaper!
        Right now I mostly use Kawaii. I have a few homemade by a friend, she sells them to make money to stay home.. I have a few B'bies my sister bought and didn't like. I use prefolds and flat folds for the first few weeks because their butts are so tiny. Other than that I think most of mine are pockets. I have a whole box full that don't have the water proof lining because my sister was learning how to make them and didn't know to buy that material.
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