No trick or treating here

Jasmine stayed home from school due to her awful cough. Makenzie has not stopped coughing all day. Hubby came home from work last night sick. I started puking at 2am and have only been able to keep a little bit of applesauce down. I found some Zophran from earlier in my pregnancy and that seems to be helping, but we are going to hanker down at home today. Not to mention the rain that has been here all day. I just hope that I am feeling better tomorrow. Hubby has to go back to work, and in my condition, I cannot take care of the kids. If this keeps up I may have to have my mom and dad take the kids tomorrow. ​

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry to hear everyone is sick. Hoping you all get some rest and feel better soon.
      Aww, poor thing. I truly hope you get to feeling better. Prayers and like Lisa said, virtual chicken soup.
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