I hate busy days.

So this thursday and friday and today i have been busy. And next week weds i am
Thursday had a lazy day most of thr day, then i had to make dinner, and go help at a rummage sale. I came back home to a mess i had to clean up.
On friday- my chiropractor, lunch with husband. Came
Home to put kids to bed. Then i made dinner, left to go rummage saleing with my friend and help at a sale. Came home to a messy house, and kids like a wild animals. Cleaned up, put kids to bed.
Today i woke up, fed vince, showered, made kids breakfast, left to go rummage saleing as today was last day for the county i was in. Then went home and gave vince his bottle and we left again to have lunch with my husband. After that i went grocery shopping, put kids down, folded laundry. I went to get my stuff at the sale and bring it home( still have to remove it from my van), made dinner, cleaned up, put clothes away, put kids to bed.
Tomorow i have to make room
In the garage for my stuff, just in case people want to look at it next weekend.

On weds its my ususally morning and day. But afternoon i have to get haiden from school, take him to his behavior specialist, hearing test to see if he needs to tubes put in, dinner on the way home, soccer practice, homework, bed time.

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