missing the spark

so me and my fiance are lacking that spark in our relationship our toddler loves our bed and we have no our space and i have a hard time having people watch our daughter. we can not figure out how to get her to stay in her bed and we also lack the spark that made us happen in the first place. Im feeling angry and neglected in the love and emotion department i feel that this shouldn't be this hard already it will be our three year anniversary in may. we broke up when i was sixteen and we were together for a year prior we just needed our space to date others and grow then we got back together when i was eighteen and now being 21 and him being 23 should still have that spark that magic and romance, intimacy. i just cant figure it out is it just me or i don't really know........

    Well marriage is something you need continually work on. When you go through rough patches it's up to both of you to work together to fix things. If you're feeling neglected or unloved then you need to talk to him about it and tell him what he needs to do to fix things. (Men aren't mind readers you basically have to spell it out for them half the time).
    Hopefully someone here can help with a strategy for getting your toddler to sleep in her bed. You definitely need to work on that so you guys can have your private time.
    Good luck with everything. Don't give up without giving things a good try. We all go through rough patches.
      I agree with Lis, it's something you just keep working on day in and day out, even when things are going great it's still work. The intimacy is a tough one. You're so happy that your kid is sleeping but dang why does it have to be in your bed? Haha.. I totally feel ya hon. Maybe a way to grab that spark back is to sneak away from the bedroom after she's asleep. Do the deed somewhere else once in a while. Now, I know that's not a permananet fix but it will help for the time being so things don't boil over. You aren't alone hon. Good luck to ya
        weve talked about the thingd that i want to see changes in and he has with a few thins but then when i re bring them up he gets mad and it wont pertain to the same thing like we had a talk earlier about doing more and not around the house but showing me more affection i miss the little things like a single rose or a note before work forehead kisses i know it sounds childish i just feel like im in the relationship and i wouldn't call it that it seems more like a partnership where we just live together and sometimes show each other love
          oh our spark flickers once in a while too...yet others it burns bright...as long as it does not extinguish the flame you are good!
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