Constipation, Whole Milk, Car, and "Dead" Parent

Today has been...interesting.
To start off, my wonderful husband woke up early to take care of Nina and let me sleep in for once! When I did get up and come back from the bathroom, the two of them were bouncing around on the bed and playing with one of my old stuffed animals (a yellow lab puppy toy...poor thing is like 13 years old lol) and as soon as Nina saw me her eyes lit up and her mouth went wide open in an O shape, then morphed into a huge smile and she started bouncing and dancing and squeaking. It was adorable and was another sign that my little girl loves her mommy. I loved that start to my day...

It soon went downhill.
Nina recently started drinking whole milk instead of formula. At her doctor's suggestion, we quit formula cold turkey and just gave her the milk, not mixing it or anything. She loved the taste...her tummy, it seems, is not quite ready for cold turkey on the formula. Poor girl has been constipated all today and yesterday, and her normal daily full-diaper poo has been replaced by pebble-hard-clayish poos that hurt her to get out. Twice today it was big enough to cause her to cause "fractures" and make her bleed a little getting it out...needless to say, I called Dr Christina when I saw that. She explained that it's very normal for this to happen with the switch to whole milk, and to try mixing it with formula, maybe 3/4ths formula 1/4th milk and then slowly trade more milk for less formula until her tummy adjusts. Until it does, do the mixing, give her apple or prune juice to help her pass what's clogged up, maybe a little water, and keep her in a clean diaper with some aloe baby powder to soothe the tiny cuts in her butt (and to keep it clean, but that comes with the territory of diaper changes). Several times she's just clenched up and started crying so I scoop her up and just sit with her and talk and rub/pat her back or tummy until she passes whatever's coming out and she feels better again. It helps her relax and not fight it as much when she's snuggled against me. I wish I could take the pain away from her! I'd even take the constipation, if it made her feel better! At least so far tonight, since she's started with Apple Juice (which she loves, btw) she's been able to sleep peacefully...last night she woke up over and over and over with tummy aches, trying to poo. I'm hoping the juice makes it a little easier as she adjusts.

I got a call, nay, THREE calls from my stepdad that I missed while soothing Nina and trying to find a good Tow Truck number because our car broke...again (the brakes snapped and the force of that broke like...6 things all around that and locked up the back right tire, causing the car to drag the tire and require being towed to the nearest Pep Boys...that was a fun 600 dollars and 4 hours spent sitting in a little room hoping Nina was ok at home with Daddy...she was, btw. He cuddled her into submission the entire time). My parents NEVER call. So it was disturbing to hear my step-dad's normally cheerful voice sounding grim and upset with "Morgan. Please call me or your mother...or the house phone. We need to talk, and it's too hard to ask this over text." I had 3 voice-mails of that, which naturally made me worry that my severely overweight and unhealthy mother was sick or something...I call, expecting some bad news, to find out my step-dad just was upset about trying to set up for a garage sale while doing yard work while my 11 year old brother runs riot (as for the too hard to ask via text part, he says "normal people like to converse with each other and not just text" to which I reminded him that I am not normal, and he's fooling himself if he thinks he is because he has a comic book ROOM...who wants to be Normal, anyway?!), and my mom just wanted to know if she should keep some of my toddler clothes to pass on to Nina...

I still had quite a bit of laundry to do, a kitchen to clean, a bathroom to clean, a baby to soothe every once in a while, a husband to stay in a constant good mood with because I can't bear to let my crazy leak through right now because he's too damn happy about graduating finally and not having to stress or do anything so I can't let myself potentially spoil that for him at all because I'm a huge people pleaser. Woo!

Needless to say, I am enjoying my "Me" time before bed right now, with Trevor and Nina asleep, a coke and grilled cheese.

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    Wow what a day! Hope you really did get to enjoy your "me" time...what does Sunday hold in store for you?
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