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My seven year old boy has been suffering with learning disabilities for awhile now. Even though we tried to have him held back in Kindergarden becaus at the end of the year he was still testing at the pre-K level. However, they went ahead and moved him to first. He has gone through the year feeling like he was stupis (as he says) and still testing at pre-K level. Now they are listening when I say it is more than speech that he needs help with. They will be keeping him in the first grade again and I hope this time we will be able to do more for him. I know I should have pressed more to keep him in Kindergarden last year and I feel like I let him down by not fighting harder. My question to everyone is, what would you have done and does anyone have any ideas or games that I could use to help him over the summer. I feel like we will lose what progress we did have if I do not work with him a lot over the summer. However, I still want to make it fun.

He has trouble with reading, concentration, and speech. He is the sweetest and kindest boy I know and I want him to be proud of himself and his accomplishments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

4Heather Lincoln-ProughWalsenburg, Colorado
    My daughter had some troubles in Kindergarten...but they supplemented her day with Speech and a Reading Specialist. Did he get any help from a reading specialist or a speech pathologist? I know these two supplemental programs helped my daughter tremendously
    4Heather Lincoln-Prough
    He has had speech since kindergarten, they thought it was his speech that was holding him back. However, we have an appointment to finally get him in more programs.
      4Heather Lincoln-Prough
      He has an IEP for speech, but not for the other areas. They thought it was his speech that was holding him back but it is more.
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