Breastfeeding and starting Solids.

Breastfeed babie's Iron starts to diminish at six months. That is why most pediatricians recommend you start them on a Iron fortified cereal like Rice cereal or Oat cereal. Babies only need a few teaspoons and remember these are compliments to, not replacements for, the breastmilk. Offer late afternoon and evening, when your milk is at it's lowest.

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    We have iron fortified organic oat cereal that I give her mixed with peas and breastmilk for her supper then I nurse again before she goes to bed. I also mix a little of the oat cereal with banana for breakfast, she loves it.
      I asked my doctor why so many pediatrician's recommend starting solids at six months, and she said because some breastfeed babies start to lose their Iron, and starting with rice or oat cereal is Iron fortified. Autumn is gearing up for solids. She watches me eat, she can hold her bottle and sippy cup pretty good and she can sit up really well with little support. Her two bottom teeth are coming in, so within the next few weeks she will be ready for solids.
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        Thank you for that info. my baby it almost 4 months and with all my kids weight was an issue. how can i keep them picking up weight. any ideas
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