Dear moms careful w/ people using this website for scams


I just want to advise all the moms that make use of this this amazing website; that is some people out there trying to do harm.

Please do not give this Lady Janice Walker any information she contact me through here with a crazy idea that I feel for a moment. But after a couple of email she start asking for very personal information.

I feel very stupid for believe in her, but I prefer to share my history with you all and be sure that no one will get in trouble for someone that feeds on taking advantage of good people.

Best regards.


    Ori, thank you much for your post - and especially for your understanding).
    We are working on protection you from such users - hope this situation will never repeat.
    I'm really sorry for the harm she did to you personally - please, let me know if we can make something for you. We'll try to compensate all we can.
    And thank you again for this alarm!
      Thank you everybody. I didn`t give her/him any of my personal information so I hope they can`t use me for anything of their twisted minds. As you know people can easily still your identity. I did searched their names and nothing good show up.
      I really enjoy this website talking to others moms about the same happy, difficult, or just to know that we are not alone on this wonderfull role in are lives.

      Thanks everyone for your support. Have a great day!!
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