Flat Feet In Activity Center

Quick question for you lovely mommies. My son has an activity center he loves to play in. He's very long - 27 inches - and his feet are now fully touching the bottom. I heard somewhere this is bad when they're not on tippy toes as it can make them bow legged. Is this true? Concerned that I might need to stop letting him play in it and get him a higher one.

Well I bought this used so I don't have the manual for it. I have it up as high as it will go and usually depending on how he's sitting his whole foot touches the floor (which I heard was bad) or he is on the pad of his foot like you mentioned. Not quite on tippy toes. If it's ok for their whole foot to touch then that's ok. I just heard somewhere that it wasn't and that it could make him bow-legged and obviously I don't want that to happen (although I realise they start out bow-legged)
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